One must truly write from the heart.  As a lover of animals, and I have had many pets, I really put some thoughts into deciding which animal would work the best for my first book in a series of six that would follow.

While working in the school system,  I liked to see the books that the students would check out in the library.  Most of the books dealt with animals, thus I decided that I would create my stories around a raccoon I named Rocky.

My series of stories are centered around the Character Traits that are taught in South Graham Elementary where I worked with autistic students.  I main streamed them into the first grade and worked with each student to improve their progress.

After writing the story “Rocky the Respectful Raccoon and His Red Sunglasses” I submitted it to the publisher.  My first book was published in 2009 and last year I received the US Book Review award which was both exciting and a great honor.

As of now, I have written and published four in the series of six.  The first story teaches respect and the setting is in the fall of the year with the animals celebrating Thanksgiving with one another.

My second book is “Rocky and His Responsible Band of Cowboys.”  This story teaches being very responsible, disciplined and accountable for choices.  The setting is during Halloween and a thrilling story on the night of trick-or-treating.

My third book is “Rocky Raccoon and His Caring Classmates” and the setting is during the Holidays.  Rocky and his caring classmates have a cookie swap at the Old Oak Elementary School.  Rocky and his friends bake cookies and take them by bus to the kids in the Green Leaf Children’s Hospital.  This story teaches the meaning of caring such as compassion for one another, helping  people in need and forgiving others.

The fourth book is “Rocky Raccoon and His Raiders Vs. the Prowlers.”  The Raiders are playing their last game of the spring season against the Prowlers.  This story deals with fairness in the basketball game.  The Raiders Coach instills playing by the rules and playing fair by taking turns and not blaming others carelessly.  Good lessons are learned during the basketball game.  Find out who wins and lessons that are learned.

The last two books are Trustworthy and Citizenship.  I have written both stories and will be illustrating them in the near future.

After the fourth book in the series, I took a break and wrote a book called “Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift.”

Living on the coast of North Carolina and then moving to Burlington,N.C. I wanted to write and illustrate a story about a shark named Sammie.  Just so you know, Sammie is a very good shark with many friends.  Sammie lives in the colorful Coral Bay and he finds an unusual shiny item that must be lost.  Find out what this shiny object turns out to be and who it belongs to.   This is my fifth book I have written and published in 2019.

My sixth book is “Petie the Penguin and the Electric Igloo.”  Petie is a penguin that loves to read books about traveling.  After doing his chores, his mom tells Sammie to put on his coat and scarf to keep out the cold weather.  Sammie heads out to the M.R. Brisk Library and is supposed to be back before dark.

Read to find out what adventures happen to Petie and how he learns the lesson to mind his parents and do as he was told.

My seventh book is “Prizzy the Piglet Who Dislikes Mud.”  Prizzy is the smallest pig in the litter.  She is really loved by Farmer McDonald and follows him all around the small farm.  Read to find out what a wonderful surprise Mr. McDonald orders through the mail for Prizzy.  The surprise really makes Prizzy the best loved piglet on the farm!

I have really put a lot of time and thought into each of my books.  They teach good lessons for children to learn and apply in their early lives.  So parents and grandparents please check out and purchase my books that will certainly entertain and teach them good habits and traits.

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