Amazing Ways to Create Characters for Children’s Book

How is it possible to have a deep connection to a book’s characters? The authors must have done something to make this happen to the reader. In fact, if not all, most authors consider character development as the most essential part of a narrative out of all the other parts. This is because the characters are the ones that create a driving force to the story. They are the ones that bring your plot to life, making it possible for you to connect with your readers. The importance of making your readers see and feel the world you have envisioned in your book is as important as you capturing them to read it. That is why you need to take a couple of measures to achieve this kind of flow. 

When it comes to children’s books, authors’ need to create amazing characters is more crucial than any other genre. Children need to be enticed so that they would want to read the book. Apart from the illustrations, the strong and relatable personalities of characters also affect this factor. If you are thinking about writing books, this one is great for you to read. This blog post will help you determine how you can create characters with strong personalities for a children’s book. The following steps are some of the effective ways for you to achieve this and capture.

Make Your Characters Believable

Your book should entertain children. Also, it should also teach them life lessons they can bring with them forever. That is why, by making your characters believable, you will incorporate attributes that help them realize. One way you can do this is by making sure that your character relatable. Don’t be afraid to make scenarios wherein the main characters would commit mistakes. This will show them that everything should not be perfect, and that is normal. Mistakes are always going to teach them lessons. If your main character has strengths, they should also have weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses will shape your character and affect the plot, so make sure you put effort into making this possible.

Use Animal As Characters

Just like in the movies, children are more enticed when the characters are animated. It can bring silliness and incongruity, making a narrative more fun for the children. The use of animals creates a relationship with the natural world and order, which can teach children a lot of things. A great example of this is Janet Councilman’s Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift. It is a heartwarming story about a shark. This story will bring a handful of lessons to children and can entertain them.

Create Funny Personalities

Children like to laugh. Creating funny scenes would be a great idea. This does not necessarily mean that you have to make your main character the funny one. You can create a sidekick or a supporting character that can be the funny one. This will also allow you to create lighter scenes. If a character is funny, the audience will like them. Thus, it will also be your chance to dig deeper into their story. Readers tend to feel a connection to the supporting roles. This means that you have to develop the character. Give them a chapter or two and tell their story. Just make sure that their story will also be significant to the whole story. When it comes to picture books, you can also do this by giving these roles great dialogues.

Make Sure Every Role is Significant

You want to make sure that all the characters involved have important roles and that the plot does not work well enough without them. Even though the character would only appear once or twice, it is still necessary that they would affect the plot or narrative in a way. As mentioned in the previous point above, you can make use of dialogue to somehow prove a point.  

Give Them Unique Features

You want your readers to easily imagine and distinguish the cast while writing a novel. As individuals, you want each character to stand out. You can do this through descriptive writing. You want to make sure that you are defining in the clearest way possible.

Overall, the characters of your book serve as its core. You need to make sure that you can write their role as efficiently and effectively as possible. Another thing you can do is to make sure that you learn from other authors. By reading their books you can surely gain many writing techniques from doing so.

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